Our range of services includes
strategy consulting, conceptual work
and project management.

Development —

from the initial vision through
to commissioning

You may be wondering what marketable development strategy would be most suitable for your building land, or which measures could improve the economic success of your existing property.

We support you every step of the way from defining the strategy and planning the project through to realising your new building project or redevelopment. We act in your best interests, contributing our skills and experience to ensure the success of your project.
  • Analyses, potential assessments and cost effectiveness studies
  • Product and target group definitions and use concepts
  • Strategic planning, feasibility studies and competition support
  • Client-side project management during project planning, implementation and commissioning
  • Project control and process coordination

Asset management —

strategic management
of real estate portfolios

We shoulder the burden of managing your direct real estate investments, focusing on your investment goals and requirements as an owner.

With these as our starting point, we work with you to develop the right real estate strategy, which we then implement across all levels of your real estate management. We always keep a close watch on the individual assets. With our development expertise, we ensure that the individual contribution of each property to the portfolio’s overall performance is optimised.
  • Analyses, property and portfolio strategies
  • Investment, cash flow and liquidity planning
  • Portfolio development and project monitoring
  • Controlling, reporting and data management
  • Management of real estate companies

Advisory —

help with decision making

Are you seeking advice about complex real estate issues? We would be happy to support you as a trusted sparring partner. A professional exchange of ideas with us allows you to benefit from our many years of experience and proven expertise.

Together, we ensure that nothing is overlooked and that you always have the right information in order to make decisions. Where necessary, we draw on our broad network to recommend the best partners for a task.
  • Investment and exit strategies
  • Due diligence and transaction management
  • Real estate business plans
  • Participation in advisory boards and investment committees
  • Foundation and board mandates